Louise Isackson is a visual artist based in Brisbane Australia.

Mostly inspired by making art in the medium of Charcoal and Pastel, her work is now moving into large scale painting in Oil on Canvas. Her art is influenced by expressive emotive colour. Many subjects are explored in her artwork, but she is predominantly focused on the emotional content, and endless aesthetics of the human form, and inspired by elements of beauty found in nature.

Her current series of images are exploring 'Intimacy', 'Touch', and 'Human Connection'. These pieces are featured in the upcoming House Concert, presented by The 'I Heart Songwriting Club' songwriting group.

You will find collections of art produced both from past exhibitions and present collections.
Original works are available plus limited edition prints. 

Louise Isackson is a Brisbane-based artist inspired by figurative image making. Have a look around the website with a collections dating back over the past 20 years. Enjoy the art, please join the mailing list for details of upcoming events and shows! 

Featured in the galleries section of the website are several series of artworks produced over the years. Currently, my art is about human touch, connection and intimacy. 


Colour is such an alluring fascination in my art practise and always offers endless possibilities! Sometimes I have to force myself back to colour in order to refine my compositions. Drawing is an important study, especially drawing the human figure. These drawing create a point of reference that drives much of my art practise.
— Louise Isackson