My paintings start as I allow my brush to take a walk across the surface. When I’m in this flow state, the image arrives from somewhere that always surprises me - colour is a delight for pure emotional impact!



Meet Louise

Artist Statement:

Louise is an expressive painter inspired by creating images that shimmer with saturated intense colour: her work explores the elusive qualities of nature; the vivid, the visceral, the vibrant, the radiant and the spiritual. Louise’s colourist paintings are primarily drawn from nature, illusions and planes of shapes, by constantly negotiating contrasts she applies colour to construct an illusionary scene, an imagined dreamy, blurry vision of resonance. Her influences adhere to an abstract expressive aesthetic. She exploring her pieces by literally taking a brush for walk over the canvas, intuitively enabling the process to dictate the outcome.

I am most ‘at home’ with a brush in my hand, transfixed by the mysterious act of applying paint onto a blank canvas’. It’s miraculous how powerful colour is, and I’m constantly mystified, inspired, surprised by the simple act of moving colour around the surface’. Painting for me is composing, in a musical sense, and there are thousands of decisions to make along the way before a piece is finished. Sometimes if a painting appears slightly unfinished, it’s time to stop, and declare it finished. This is pure joy of being in the moment, and giving my fullest attention to the flow of painting - this is how I want the images to be seen and enjoyed’.

Career Background:

Louise began her art career by completing a Fine Art degree at Griffith University in the 90's. She showed her work in exhibitions with many local galleries based on her visual art studies before taking up a career in the corporate world of design and advertising. True to a renaissance person, Louise also moonlighted as a performing Jazz Singer, and performed in Japan and New York. The culmination of completing a masters degree in Creative Industries in 2016 marked her departure from the IT world into a full time dedication as a visual artist. Exchanging the mouse for the brush to create vibrant expressive works, joyfully created with her design sense for pure emotional impact.