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Louise studied Fine Art at QCA Griffith University in the 90's, and has exhibited paintings and drawings at many galleries nationally over the years since her studies in Visual Art. Having recently completed a Masters degree at QUT in Creative Industries, Louise now has an interest in exploring figurative paintings in oil on canvas. She is especially focused on exploring where life drawing leads, by studying the human form in a pursuit of perfecting this skill. Her latest series are about human connection, with the subject of people embracing - exploring the realm of intimacy. Louise has an expressive and painterly style when exploring the dry media of charcoal/pastels.

Louise Isackson is exhibiting her latest pieces of 'intimacy' and human connection,
as a part of the Xhibition show: Sound and Vision.

Original Artwork by Louise Isackson and Kellie North

HOUSE CONCERT THEME: Xhibition "Sight and Sound" (A house concert, Brisbane) https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=299539

These house concerts are presented by the "I Heart Songwriting Club" - a dedicated website featuring groups of Songwriters, created by Francesca De Valance. More about Francesca and her wonderful music can be found on her website: http://www.fdvmusic.com/

All artworks by Louise Isackson and Kellie North are available for sale at the 'I Heart Songwriting Club' House Concert. Also for sale will be the CD's by the performing artists: 


Feels Right CD | Jazz + covers - Released 2008
Red to Blue CD | Original songs - Released 2013

Louise's Recorded Music is available for purchase or streaming on itunes or spotify

“What happens when hello and goodbye collide? In the spirit of this question, this collection of songs took form. Beginning with Red to Blue, the range of emotions between these two colours are infinite – a true kaleidoscope. The songs on this recording harbour this shared concept of transformation, the spirit of change, and exploring the mystery held in the duality of all things, especially love. With the desire to express ideas of balance, emergence and perceived reality, the belief that love is always in a state of flux is the beating heart of these songs. The title track ‘Red to Blue’ is pivotal to the other tracks which circle around this polarity or notion of transformation". 

"Contrary to belief, love is not a fixed idea. Love binds everything, yet moves and dances about in all forms. The spirit of change is at the core of these compositions. Writing these songs was a journey of perpetual layering, and an unfolding of ideas that were sculpted by the sounds created in these arrangements”

Feels Right CD
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Red to Blue CD
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Original songs in a Jazz style

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Contrary to belief, love is not a fixed idea. Love binds everything, yet moves and dances about in all forms
— Louise